The simplicity of things both beautiful and good.
The Barolo paths start from here

The holiday farmhouse is located on top of one of the town of La Morra’s splendid hills. It overlooks the vineyards where the Barolo paths begin.

Places that are as unique as the grapevine that is cultivated here, the scenery is lovely to gaze upon but it can also explored on foot or by bicycle. 



The organic vegetable garden

« We grow vegetables and aromatic herbs with a farmer’s wisdom, following the succession of the seasons with crop rotations »

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Cooking classes

« If you like Piedmont cuisine why not learn to cook it at home, as well? Our chef will teach you to prepare the traditional dishes of the territory - Tajarin, plin ravioli »

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« From here the Barolo roads branch out, roads that take you to unique towns, landscapes and places to discover. In only a few minutes you can reach Barolo, Monforte d’Alba, »

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Good for every king of event

« The La Morra Brandini Holiday Farmhouse is available for all types of events from guided Brandini wine tasting with our enologist »

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